From clunky desktop software to piles of paper passing through management chains, conventional LMS, knowledge base, and reporting solutions have never been optimized for frontline employees.

Until now.

Welcome to FLX Systems, a powerful suite of user-friendly mobile applications designed to ensure your frontline employees maximize their potential so your company can prosper.

Why FLX works for your business

Our user-friendly environment means easy adoption and seamless deployment. By improving how your frontline employees learn, remember, and report on the things that matter most, you boost morale, expertise, and ultimately your revenue.

Customizable, one-click reporting from our backend system gives managers real-time access to KPIs, guaranteeing that you can see how engagement positively impacts your bottom line.


Why Vizual Trainer

Using any mobile device, your employees have on-demand access to crucial, easily customized job-specific info.

Whether they need help operating equipment, accessing safety compliance guidelines, or finding product details for a customer on your retail floor, they’re just a finger tap away from engaging your organization’s knowledge base and interactive training.


Why Vizual Proof

Tired of slow inspection and incident reporting? Sick of incomplete, error-filled files? Make it foolproof with Vizual Proof.

To augment reporting of virtually any kind, employees interact with easily customizable screen overlays while Vizual Proof video records the process, guaranteeing that workers are garnering exactly the details your management needs. Every report is instantly converted to a hybrid text-video file, and easily accessed and managed through our backend system.



Complete the form below. An expert will reach out within a business day to schedule a short call. You’ll learn how you can:

  • Boost performance and engagement by deploying individualized, interactive training that’s designed for frontline realities.
  • Improve accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of virtually any type of reporting with our customizable Vizual Proof technology.
FLX Systems

FLX Systems empowers deskless workers through technology. We develop software solutions for the underrepresented 80% of global workers who do their jobs on the sales floor or in the service field.

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