Field Techs & Vizual Trainer

Field Technicians are the face of the brand for many organizations. Their knowledge and ability to quickly handle equipment issues or scheduled maintenance has a direct impact on a brand’s image.

Vizual Trainer Technology provides remote technicians with access to training anytime, anywhere. Importantly, it allows them to avoid waiting for assistance or feedback from another technician while on-site at a customer’s facility. Training content and helpful hints are right at their fingertips. This approach to in-the-field training not only improves the technician’s confidence, but their efficiency and company profitability as well.

Quick Facts:

  • Push notifications alert technicians of required training
  • Customized mobile app provides access to the latest technical bulletins to prevent use of dated solutions
  • Employees quickly access equipment training by simply scanning an equipment ID barcode or entering a model number
  • Easy-to-use backend management system allows administrator to quickly load, assign, and deploy training to any mobile device.
  • Integrated testing ensures employees complete training and pass any required testing for compliance purposes
  • Customized reporting easily tracks who has or has not completed required training, as well as the date and time of completion.

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