Retail & Vizual Trainer

In the age of online shopping, building customer loyalty through positive in-store experiences is essential for brick-and-mortar success. Well-trained, knowledgeable retail sales associates are, of course, key to crafting that experience.

Vizual Trainer empowers retail associates through instant access to training content and product information via mobile devices. Employees using this technology are secure in their ability to provide authentic and valuable advice to consumers, which builds customer loyalty and drives transactions.

Quick Facts:

  • Sales associates can access training content during slow periods on the sales floor (instead of having to wait to find a desktop computer or classroom environment).
  • Scanning a product UPC code or barcode retrieves video and other content that provides information and instruction on products, procedures, and equipment.
  • Retailers, product manufacturers, and product suppliers can instantly upload and update training video content.
  • The system utilizes employee login to track what product training has been completed. This information can be used to provide reporting on a local, regional, and company-wide level.
  • Optional features include testing, rewards programs, and a variety of data tracking.
FLX Systems

FLX Systems empowers deskless workers through technology. We develop software solutions for the underrepresented 80% of global workers who do their jobs on the sales floor or in the service field.

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