Industrial & Vizual Trainer

Federal and state laws require employees to complete equipment and safety training across almost every area of the industrial landscape. But frontline employees are rarely sitting in front of a computer, so scheduling training classes is often difficult and expensive.

Vizual Trainer prevents costly delays by allowing employees instant access to safety training at remote job sites. For example, on-demand access to heavy equipment training quickly informs operators about the ins-and-outs use without the risk of learn-as-you-go training.

Quick Facts:

  • The easy-to-use backend management system allows the training and safety managers to load, schedule, and deploy training.
  • Push notifications alert remote employees of required training.
  • Customized mobile applications allow employees to complete training from anywhere, at any time.
  • Employees can quickly access training information by scanning an equipment ID barcode or entering an ID number.
  • Integrated testing ensures that employees complete training and pass testing required for compliance purposes.
  • Customizable reporting easily tracks who has or has not completed required training, as well as the time and date the training was completed.
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