Vizual Trainer

Vizual Trainer gives employees who work in the field or on the floor instant access to the knowledge and tools they need to excel at their jobs—and it’s easily optimized for virtually any organization, in any industry.

Vizual Trainer manages the scheduling and deployment of training; delivers a variety of dynamic, interactive tools that enhance learning experiences; and it gives frontline workers on-demand access to customizable knowledge bases that boost job performance and engagement.

Our backend management system is also ridiculously easy to use, at once providing access to critical data and KPIs while seamlessly integrating with existing LMS, CRM, and other mission-critical platforms.

Vizual Trainer Quick Facts:

  • Easy-to-use backend management system allows administrators to quickly load, assign, and deploy training content, as well as manage other features such as notifications, product knowledge, and user-level controls.
  • Employee login provides security and manages accessible content.
  • Push notifications alert employees when a training assignment is available, or simply share company communications of any kind.
  • Integrated testing ensures a successful training experience.
  • Job knowledge or product information is easily accessed by scanning a bar code or conducting a voice-command search.
  • Integrated video conferencing allows team members to communicate and work through challenges faced in the field.
  • Comprehensive reporting system provides access to a vast array of data, customized to your company’s specific needs.
  • Vizual Trainer can be integrated with most other operation critical platforms (LMS, CRM, etc.).

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FLX Systems empowers deskless workers through technology. We develop software solutions for the underrepresented 80% of global workers who do their jobs on the sales floor or in the service field.

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