Transportation & Vizual Proof

Authenticated video proof for every inspection and incident report

Vizual Proof simplifies and authenticates federal, state, and company-required safety inspections and reports across every segment of the transportation industry.

Our technology combines the efficiency of electronic forms with the power and accuracy of video by capturing date and time-stamped video footage, then instantly converting the information to a hybrid text-video file that’s easily accessed from our backend management system.

Using customizable text and graphic overlays that are deployed to an employee’s mobile device camera screen, you can provide task-specific, step-by-step instructions for employees—guaranteeing they garner exactly the info you need.

Quick Facts:

  • Vizual Proof is easily integrated and highly customizable to meet the specific needs of any company or industry.
  • All safety inspections and accident reports are stored by FLX. You can easily access them at any time—searching by employee ID, equipment ID, or date.
  • Companies can quickly add new material or modify existing safety inspection checklists and reports using our backend management system. Inspection reports and checklists can be customized to a specific process, scenario, or type of equipment.
  • Video reports can be converted to PDF documents to provide easily accessible documentation for on-site compliance inspections.
  • All video reporting is digitally stamped with date, time, location, and employee info to enhance legal protection.
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