Construction & Vizual Proof

Authenticated Video Proof for Safety and Site Inspection

The construction industry has a wide variety of reporting processes, ranging from federally required vehicle and heavy equipment inspections to internal reports that track a project’s progress. Though necessary, these processes can drain employee time and slow projects.

Vizual Proof Technology improves the efficiency of federal and state agency required safety inspections and project reports by eliminating paper documents and electronic forms. Graphic overlays on a mobile device provide step-by-step instructions customized to the report or inspection in progress. As the task is completed, each step is video recorded, capturing the process’ and audio narrative for future reference.

Our Accident Reporting model gives company leadership real-time access to accident data. Employees are given step-by-step instruction on how to capture an accurate video narrative of the event. As it guides them through the process, the technology prompts employees to provide video and photos of the accident scene. This process ensures all necessary details are captured visually and verbally to enhance legal protection.

Quick Facts:

  • The technology is designed to track a variety of data to improve operational efficiencies and profitability
  • All safety inspection, project reports, and accident reports are stored by FLX. Company leadership can easily access them at anytime using our secure backend management system.
  • Leadership can quickly add new material or modify existing safety inspection checklists and reports using our backend management system. Inspection reports and checklists are customized to a specific process or type of equipment.
  • Video reports can be converted to pdf documents to provide easily accessible documentation for on-site compliance inspections.
  • All video reporting is digitally date and time stamped for legal protection
  • Technical support is available online or by phone

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