Imagine a world where essential details are captured without having to type a single word, and reports and checklists are always on time. Vizual Proof Technology can help make that wish a reality. Vizual Proof Technology is a mobile video reporting system that combines the efficiency of electronic forms with the power of video. It is designed to track a variety of data to improve operational efficiencies and profitability.

Quick Facts about Vizual Proof:

  • Vizual Proof is easily integrated and highly customizable to meet the specific needs of any industry.
  • Vizual Proof eliminates forms. Graphic overlays on a mobile device provide task-specific step-by-step instructions while simultaneously capturing a video narrative of the event.
  • Our backend management system allows you to quickly add new material and modify existing reports and system checklists.
  • All video-based reports are stored by FLX. You can easily access them any time using our secure backend management system.
  • Video reports can be converted to pdf documents to provide easily accessible documentation for on-site compliance inspections.
  • All video reporting is digitally date and time stamped to enhance legal protection
  • Technical support is available online or by phone

See how it works in these industries or contact us for more information:

Drilling & Mining


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