Vizual Trainer

Imagine a world where essential reporting details are captured without having to type a single word, and reports and checklists are instantly, flawlessly filed.

Vizual Proof makes that a reality.

Our mobile video reporting system combines the efficiency of electronic forms with the accuracy and power of video—improving operational efficiency and profitability.

Vizual Proof Quick Facts:

  • Vizual Proof eliminates inaccurate forms and reports. It’s easily integrated and highly adaptive to meet the specific needs of almost any industry.
  • A management console allows anyone with basic computer skills to customize and modify graphic and text-based overlays on any mobile device—providing task-specific, step-by-step instructions for employees while simultaneously capturing a video narrative of the event.
  • All reports are instantly converted to hybrid video-text files and stored by FLX. You can easily access them at any time using our secure backend management system.
  • Reports can be converted to PDF documents to provide easily accessible documentation for on-site compliance inspections.
  • All video reporting is digitally stamped with date, time, location, and employee info to enhance legal protection.
  • Vizual Proof can be integrated with most other operation critical platforms (LMS, CRM, etc.)

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Drilling & Mining


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  • Improve accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of virtually any type of reporting with our customizable Vizual Proof technology.
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FLX Systems empowers deskless workers through technology. We develop software solutions for the underrepresented 80% of global workers who do their jobs on the sales floor or in the service field.

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