Interactive Training Overlay

Interactive Training Overlay

FLX’s proprietary ITO (Interactive Training Overlay) technology provides companies with a fast and cost effective way to turn existing or traditional video content into engaging interactive content that is customized for a specific employee or role. A management console allows anyone with basic computer skills to add interactive graphic overlays to a video. The easy to use system allows the user select or upload a video then identify at what point in the video they want an interactive graphic overlay to appear. The user then select the type of interactive experience they want viewer to have. There are a variety of interactive experiences such as taking a quiz (system validates correctly answered), access to a pdf document, load another video, or access a website.

What makes the ITO technology really unique is the interactive overlays are not actually inserted in the video recording but added when the video is loaded into the player when an employee watches the video. This allows the system to serve up different interactive viewing experience for different viewers. 

Quick Facts about Interactive Training Overlay Technology:

  • Turn static training video content into engaging and interactive experience that improves engagement and information retention without incurring editing or production fees
  • The interactive elements can take the form or quiz questions, interactive documents, links to additional support documents or videos, and any other type of gamification elements.
  • The interactive experience within the video can change for different roles within the organization.
  • When using quiz questions, the system authenticates the answer and stores scoring results for each user.
  • Management platform tracks the interactions within the video.
  • Easy to use and updates to interactive elements can be added quickly and effective immediately.
  • The system captures a variety of data which can be accessed through a variety of reports.
  • The technology can work as a stand-alone platform or work with an existing Learning or Training Management Platform


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