CRC Comprehensive Data Collection

CRC goes beyond delivering Advertisers and Networks a unique advertising opportunity by providing key data that not only measure the success of the campaign but also provides the opportunity to build a comprehensive consumer database and interest profile.

Advertisers can utilize an integrated retargeting campaign tool that provides delivery of follow up marketing efforts to individual consumers based on their product inquiries and level of interaction inside the Product Experience Page. The system’s Consumer Interest Database continues to collect and compile data on every product inquiry a viewer makes building a profile of interests that can be used for future re-marketing efforts.

Networks will be equipped with data to deliver product interaction opportunities that are targeted to their viewers and providing higher value to the advertising clients. CRC’s Consumer Interest Database empowers producers who develop content or original productions for the Network with the data needed to secure in-show product placement sponsorships. This data will not only provide measurable viewer interactions but also the ability to convert viewers to consumers through the Buy Now functionality.

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