Advertisers are seeking out new ways to leverage the fast growing OTT video industry, which is quickly becoming consumers’ preferred method of accessing their entertainment content.

FLX’s Consumer Requested Content (CRC) advertising technology is an on-demand advertising approach that allows consumers an opportunity to access information about products they see being used in the show. CRC allows brands to have an interactive experience with consumer at point when they are emotionally engaged with their products.

Quick Facts about CRC Technology:

  • On-demand approach provides networks with an ad revenue model that is nonintrusive to viewers yet very rewarding for advertisers.
  • Proprietary technology loads scheduled product interactions when the video is loaded into the player providing flexibility to deliver interactions based on a viewer’s interests.
  • Technology allows consumer to either pause a show while they learn about a product or request information through a second device experience.
  • Consumers are delivered a comprehensive brand experience through the Product Experience Page where they access product videos, images, reviews, available discounts, and a buy now option.
  • Brands have access to update their brand content at anytime providing real-time updates as content is delivered to consumers.
  • Captured data provides advertisers instant access to consumer’s interests opening the door for quick follow up correspondence
  • True call to action advertising provides measurements metrics never before available with traditional television commercials.

More Information:

CRC Product Experience
CRC Backend Management
CRC Data Collection


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